• Global Cuisine and Cultures Trip: Tanzania, East Africa
  • Global Cuisines and Cultures Trip to Tanzania

    Where can you experience a cultural tour, safari, and culinary adventure all rolled into one? On this CIA trip to Tanzania, East Africa, that’s where! It’s a full agenda for sure. You’ll explore markets and local specialties, see exotic animals during a game drive at Tarangire National Park, and learn about the Maasai people and their use of roots and plants to treat ailments.

    You’ll also visit the ECHO center to understand the conservation crisis and ECHO’s efforts to improve soil fertility, and spend time at the Kimemo Coffee Farm learning about coffee-making in Africa.

    Other highlights:

    • Begin your journey with a Swahili lesson and enjoy lunch at a Swahili-style restaurant.
    • Study the issues of women’s empowerment at the Faraja Center and work alongside chefs-in-training to prepare a meal
    • Meet members of the African Roots Foundation who are working to improve the standard of living of small rural communities, and travel to Zanzibar to learn more about the spice trade.
    • You’ll even visit the Freddie Mercury House—yes, the former Queen singer had a house there!
  • “The trip to Tanzania is truly the adventure of a lifetime! From legendary Mount Kilimanjaro to the sustainable nutmeg groves of Zanzibar, students will get to experience the majesty and diversity of African cultures and foods while taking part in a service-oriented trip! There may also be elephants.”

    —Professor Maureen Costura