Global Cuisines and Cultures Trip to Italy

    Spend 15 days in Italy and learn all about this popular cuisine that dates back to the 4th Century BC and the Roman Empire. Enjoy authentic local foods, beverages, and agricultural products, then meet culinary professionals and entrepreneurs in the region who will share their knowledge and insights into Italian culture and its unique culinary history. Along the way, you’ll visit several historic ruins, museums, and other landmark locations.

    Your first days in Salerno will include traveling to Capaccio and the Caseificio Borlotti to visit a farm and mozzarella production center, including local sausage making techniques. You'll also engage in hands-on cooking instruction that features ravioli, mozzarella en carrozza, and ragù Napoletana. You’ll also travel to Rome, Noci, and nearby towns to expand your cultural awareness and knowledge of Italian cuisine.

    Other highlights:

    • Learn about pasta production and eat at several acclaimed restaurants in Italy.
    • Take a tour of local food producers, wineries, restaurants, and an artisanal grain mill that makes flour for pasta and bread.
    • Take a guided tour of Pompeii and explore ancient Roman cuisine.
    • Visit Ceglie Messapica for a cooking demonstration on the local dish, Sagna Penta.
  • CIA instructors have big-time industry chops—they lived it, now you learn it.
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