• Global Cuisines and Cultures Trip to Costa Rica
  • Global Cuisines and Cultures Trip to Costa Rica

    Explore the mountains and plains of Costa Rica—named 2019 UN Champion of the Earth—and learn first-hand how some of the world’s best cacao and coffee beans, vanilla, and sugar cane are grown. Discover how this small Latin American nation is committed to sustainability and how entire communities are addressing pressing environmental issues through innovative programming. Enjoy a one-on-one connection with the people and products of Costa Rica and change how you see the world of food.

    Begin your journey in San José where you will visit a farm that is a living classroom. You’ll experience outdoor hands-on demos of sustainable farming practices. Your reward for your hard work will be swimming in a natural waterfall flowing from the Arenal Volcano! In the city, you’ll visit a farm-to-table restaurant, organic chocolate factory, and a hands-on workshop that blends creating beautiful pastry with photography.

    Other highlights:

    • Spend two days at the world’s largest private collection of coffee botanical varieties where you’ll harvest coffee beans and understand the environmental benefits of planting coffee within a diverse forest.
    • Visit a village that has transformed its economy from fishing to oyster-growing in response to the environmental issue of overfishing in the area.
    • Explore one of the five Blue Zones on earth, where people are known to live long and be healthier. Discover how they do it!
    • Snorkel with biologists and marine naturalists to coral reefs in the Pacific Ocean.