• Transfer Students:
    Get the Edge When You Transfer Credits

    Apply Your College Credits to the CIA Now!

    We’re glad you decided to find out more about the Transfer Edge Program, which can help you decide if the CIA is where you belong. Enjoy these great benefits:

    • CIA Restaurant Gift Certificate
      Enjoy a $100 CIA restaurant gift certificate—we’ll mail it to you for use in one of our restaurants. It’s an ideal opportunity to see our current students in action and get a taste of the exciting hands-on practice you’ll be getting at the college.

    • Special FAFSA Assistance
      Upon acceptance, get valuable, personalized FAFSA assistance from a Student Aid Advisor, who will help prepare the entire application for you by telephone—often in as little as 20 minutes! This benefit includes:
      • Year-round guidance from your Student Aid Advisor.
      • Extensive 450-point FAFSACheck™ error detection as well as a human review to ensure application accuracy.
      • Complimentary electronic submission to the federal processor.
      • Up-to-date online status access and e-mail notifications every step of the way.
    • One-on-One Admissions Help
      Enjoy special one-on-one assistance from the admissions team every step of the way.

    To take advantage of your Transfer Edge benefits, you must be a post high school graduate with college credits, and you need to apply online by April 1. Once you’ve logged into your account, complete and submit your application with supporting documentation (essay, high school transcript*, and college transcripts).


    *Submit high school transcript if you have less than 24 college credits.