Green and Gold Orientation for Spring and Summer Students

  • Orientation Info for New York’s Spring and Summer Classes

    Most of the following information is specifically for Spring (January) 2021 students. If you’re a Summer 2021 student, stay tuned for more information.

    Green and Gold Virtual—Happening Right Now!

    To help ensure you’re ready to start class at the CIA’s New York campus January 19, 2021, the CIA is bringing orientation to you, at home—with Green and Gold Virtual. Your prep work begins now:

    December 3: Learn about the CIA SAFE Plan

    Join us online for an update on everything the CIA is doing to keep students safe at our New York Campus. Sign up now.

    Must Read

    Got Questions? Check our FAQs for Spring 2021.
  • Upcoming Virtual Events

    Let’s Connect

    There’s no better way to find out what living and learning at the CIA is really like than by talking directly to current students. Tune into our online event when our students will be on hand to share information and answer your questions in real time! New dates to be posted here shortly.

    Online Events

    More events to be posted soon. Be sure to sign up for our December 3: CIA SAFE Plan event to learn about what the CIA is currently doing to keep students safe.
  • CIA Chefs Present: Lessons From Home


    Knife Safety and Care

    Safety first! Chef Tobias checks in to show you how properly handle and sharpen your knives.


    Knife Types

    Learn the best knife for the job with Chef DelleRose and get a peek at his personal collection.


    Knife Cuts

    Get cutting with Chef Garniero. He walks you through some basic cuts you’ll learn in Culinary Fundamentals.

    Keep Watching!

    Check out additional instructional videos from your future CIA chefs.