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Sake Brewery Comes to Hyde Park

The CIA has signed a landmark agreement with Asahi Shuzo Co., Ltd., that will bring a sake brewery to the doorstep of the New York campus. The CIA—with the support of Asahi Shuzo—will develop curriculum, certification programs, workshops, and special events and tastings to further the education and awareness of sake within the United States.

Meanwhile, Asahi Shuzo, maker of world-renowned DASSAI premium Junmai Daiginjo sake, will build its first U.S. brewery in Hyde Park, NY, less than a mile from the CIA campus, becoming the first Japanese sake producer to set down stakes on the East Coast.

“Asahi Shuzo is a leader in its field, carefully combining both tradition and cutting-edge technology to craft its premium quality beverage,” says CIA President Dr. Tim Ryan. “We are honored that they chose to build their first U.S. operation in the CIA’s backyard, and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.”

Currently, the CIA offers a course in Advanced Cooking: Japanese Cuisine, which is the first step towards the planned creation of a full academic concentration in Japanese food, beverage, and culinary culture. With the introduction of unique education programs and experiences around sake, the CIA will further the education of Japanese cuisines and cultures for CIA students, food enthusiasts, food industry professionals, and guests.

The brewery, scheduled to open in 2019, will include a retail space and offer public tours. The facility will also create at least 32 new jobs in the Hudson Valley.

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