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  • We’ve got 99 Problems, but Relieving Stress Isn’t One

    Find Out How CIA Students Relieve Stress

    Author Annie B. Milostan ’25 is a Baking and Pastry Arts major.

    Starting college and being away from your friends and family for the first time sounds stressful—but not when the Culinary Institute of America does a great job of helping students relieve stress outside the classroom! Every CIA student has access to support like Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), student run clubs such as the Active Minds club, and special events hosted all over campus. CAPS consists of licensed therapists that understand the stress we go through and the adjustments we face in our first semester. They are very helpful and always available for free, confidential counseling, consultation, and support.

    Active Minds Club

    The Active Minds club focuses on students supporting students. They are a group full of the sweetest humans I have ever met and are hosting a dogs and donuts event this semester where you can play with adorable shelter dogs and eat a delicious doughnut... or two!

    At the end of the spring semester, when students are bracing for finals, Dr. JJ Manley, CIA senior associate dean for campus life and student development, typically hosts a de-stress event. Last year it was held in the gym and there were massage chairs, relaxing coloring activities, a bounce house, emotional support dogs, tote painting, and tons of snacks and drinks to enjoy. All the opportunities to relieve stress are greatly appreciated by CIA students—it’s helpful to be able to take a break and have fun at these events with friends!

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