Paul DelleRose, CIA Associate Professor—Culinary Arts

Faculty Bio: Paul DelleRose ’94

Culinary Arts
Professor—Culinary Arts
“All you need is the desire and motivation to attend the CIA. The technical skill and passion will follow.”

What do you currently teach?
I am chef-instructor for the Non-Commercial Foodservice and High-Volume Production course, which is held at The Egg at the Student Commons on the New York campus.

What is your teaching approach?
I treat each student as a person of value and recognize what they offer the class in terms of food, history, and culture.

What would you tell someone interested in attending the CIA who thinks they might not make the cut?
All you need is the desire and motivation. The technical skill and passion will follow.

What do you like best about being on the CIA’s New York campus?
I like the proximity to the city, the farms, and the beauty of the seasons.

How do you use social media?
I follow chefs and restaurants to stay current with what’s going on in the industry. I also use it to build a network for former students—I have been able, on many occasions, to connect students from all over the country and build relationships.

AOS, CIA, Hyde Park, NY. Windows on the World Wine School. ServSafe® certification.

Professional Background:
Consulting Executive Chef, Cornerstone USA, Kennesaw, GA. Executive Chef, Doubletree Hotel Tarrytown, Hilton Tarrytown, Tarrytown, NY. Executive Chef/Partner, Civile’s Venice on the Hudson, Haverstraw, NY. Sous Chef, Hilton New York, NYC. Interim Executive Chef/Executive Sous Chef, Banquet Chef, Millenium Hilton, NYC. Sous Chef, Quaker Ridge Golf Club, Scarsdale, NY. Chef Tournant, The Waldorf-Astoria, NYC.

CIA Faculty Member of the Year, 2015; Leadership Award, Hilton Tarrytown, 2003.



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