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  • CIA New York Student Activities, Clubs, and Recreation

    Find the Activities, Organizations, and Clubs That Match Your Interests

    We all need downtime. Thankfully, your CIA experience at our New York campus in Hyde Park isn’t limited to just classrooms and kitchens. We offer a wide range of student activities, college organizations, events, and other opportunities to interact with fellow students, make new friends, and have fun along the way.

  • The CIA campus in Hyde Park, NY, offers several exercise programs that match any fitness level, including:

    • Boot Camp
    • High- and low-intensity interval training
    • Spinning
    • Yoga
    • Zumba

    CIA student activities include several intramural sports. Registration is announced through our department e-newsletter, brochures, and signage within the Student Commons. Intramural sports include:

    • Basketball
    • Floor Hockey
    • Soccer
    • Softball
    • Volleyball

    In addition, CIA student activities include tournaments and contests throughout the year, including:

    • 5K Fun Run/Walk
    • Dodgeball
    • Eight-Ball Billiards
    • Racquetball
    • Table Tennis
    • Weightlifting Contest

    Student-run clubs and organizations are a great way to immerse yourself in CIA campus life. They offer opportunities to meet new people, forge friendships, and engage in personal and professional growth activities.

    Each CIA student organization at our New York campus is open to every student regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, color, national or ethnic origin, economic status, disability, veteran status, marital status, or any other group as protected by law. In addition, the CIA prohibits hazing of any type on its campuses or in any CIA-sponsored program. This includes soliciting, directing, aiding, or otherwise participating actively or passively by any student, staff, faculty, visitor, contactor, or third party in premeditated acts of power and control over others that lead to victimization.

    Is there a club you want that’s missing? Then contact Nathan Flintjer, assistant director—student life, at Nathan.Flintjer@culinary.edu or 845-451-1408 to discuss ways to create a new CIA student organization.

    • Alliance, which celebrates the power of a diverse student body, promotes respect throughout the campus community, and advocates for LGBT awareness. Contact: alliance@cia.culinary.edu.
    • Anime Club, which focuses on the culture of Japan through anime works and related manga, music, and video games. Contact: AnimeClub@cia.culinary.edu.
    • Bacchus Wine Society, which promotes the appreciation of renowned wines and spirits through tastings, special events, and wine excursions. Contact: Bacchus@cia.culinary.edu.
    • Baking and Pastry Society, which offers ways for you to expand your love of baking and pastry beyond the classroom. Contact: BakingAndPastryClub@cia.culinary.edu.
    • BBQ Club, which gives you the chance to explore regional styles of U.S. barbecue cuisine, as well as global interpretations such as Korean barbecue and Argentinian asado. Contact: BBQClub@cia.culinary.edu.
    • Black Culinary Society, which promotes diversity awareness through cultural discussions, cooking demonstrations, and a closer look at black history. Contact: BlackCulinarianSociety@cia.culinary.edu.
    • Brew Club, which increases the understanding of domestic and international beer production, as well as examines local breweries. Contact: BrewClub@cia.culinary.edu.
    • Catholics at the Culinary, which promotes and preserves the Catholic tradition through the expression of fellowship, service, and liturgy. Contact: CatholicsAtTheCulinary@cia.culinary.edu.
    • CHEW (Chefs for Health and Wellness), which emphasizes healthy living and activities, in addition to food demonstrations and group exercises. Contact: HealthAndWellness@cia.culinary.edu.
    • CHOP’T (Chefs Harnessing Outdoor Pursuits Together), which promotes outdoor experiences such as camping, hiking, rafting, and kayaking. Contact: Chopt@cia.culinary.edu.
    • Culinary Christian Fellowship, a non-denominational student organization that focuses on Bible study and service to the community. Contact: ChristianFellowship@cia.culinary.edu.
    • Culinary Science Club, which evaluates journal articles and explores topics of scientific merit and relevance to the culinary field. Contact: CulinaryScience@cia.culinary.edu.
    • Digital Media Club, which records oral histories, hosts panel discussions, conducts interviews with industry professionals, and produces a weekly podcast. Contact: DigitalMediaClub@cia.culinary.edu.
    • Eta Sigma Delta, which provides networking, career development, research opportunities, student activities, and community service. Contact: EtaSigmaDelta@cia.culinary.edu.
    • Fromage Friends, a “cheesy” way to celebrate the culture, history, and creative process behind this much-loved food through tastings and pairings. Contact: FromageFriends@cia.culinary.edu.
    • Global Cultures Club, which highlights international and American cultures to all CIA students. Contact: GlobalCultures@cia.culinary.edu.
    • Jewish Culture and Community Club, which explores Jewish culture, food, and traditions. Contact: JCC@cia.culinary.edu.
    • Korean Association at CIA, which spreads knowledge of the Korean culture through discussions and tastings, and helps Korean students acclimate themselves to the CIA. Contact: KACIA@cia.culinary.edu.
    • La Papillote, the CIA’s student newspaper that reflects the diverse views of the campus community and provides a forum for civil discussion. Contact: LaPapillote@cia.culinary.edu.
    • Masala Club, which celebrates the culture and cuisine of India and the Asian subcontinent. Contact: Masala@cia.culinary.edu.
    • Mixology Club, which provides a better understanding of spirits and mixed drinks (alcoholic and nonalcoholic) through tastings, lectures, demonstrations, and field experience. Contact: Mixology@cia.culinary.edu.
    • Photography Club, which explores the artistic side of styling and shooting food while also coordinating with other CIA student clubs to provide photo coverage of their events. Contact: PhotographyClub@cia.culinary.edu.
    • Pool Club, where students of all skill levels can enjoy the game of pool. Contact: PoolClub@cia.culinary.edu.
    • Preservation Club, which researches the science behind food preservation as well as examines preservation techniques used in many different countries and cuisines across the world. Contact: PreservationClub@cia.culinary.edu.
    • Slow Food Club, which focuses on ecology, political economies, and culture through the lens of sustainability and fairness, and promotes an understanding and redefinition of the role of the chef in the evolution of gastronomy. Contact: SlowFood@cia.culinary.edu.
    • SPICE (Student Programming Igniting Campus Entertainment), which works with the CIA student activities, recreation, and athletics staff to produce student events and bring entertainers to campus. Contact: Spice@cia.culinary.edu.
    • Student Government Association, which represents the CIA student community and acts as their official voice in decisions affecting campus life (such as funding other student organizations). Contact: SGA@cia.culinary.edu.
    • Table Tennis Club, where you can hone your ping pong skills against other students. Contact: TableTennisClub@cia.culinary.edu.
    • Tabletop Gaming Club, where you can play board games, role-playing games, card games, and other tabletop games with fellow students. Contact: TableTop@cia.culinary.edu.
    • Tea Cuisine Club, which helps spread tea culture throughout the CIA community, including its application in culinary and baking projects. Contact: TeaCuisine@cia.culinary.edu.
    • Veterans Association and Auxiliary, which provides a home for current and incoming student veterans (and alumni vets), assisting them with education and medical care issues, and guiding them in working with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Contact: CIAVets@cia.culinary.edu.

    Throughout the year, the Student Activities Office at our New York campus sponsors several events for students on campus, including:

    • Deep Freeze Weekend (February)
    • Chowder Cook-Off (March)
    • Pizza Cook-Off (May)
    • Stars and Stripes Weekend (June/July)
    • Chili Cook-Off (October)
    • Wicked Weekend (October)
    • BADA BINGO (December)
    • Holiday Village Festival (December)
    • Comedy, dances, karaoke, and movie nights throughout the year
    • Wellness programming

    CIA student activities also include off-campus trips in the greater New York City area at a minimal cost to students. Destinations may include:

    • Local orchards and farmers markets
    • Minnewaska State Park
    • New York City (Broadway shows, shopping trips, and food tours)
    • Six Flags Great Adventure
    • White water rafting, kayaking, and rock climbing
    • Saturday bus shuttle

    In addition, you can find plenty of fun things to do off-campus near Hyde Park on your own or with classmates, such as:

    • Exploring entertainment throughout New York's Hudson Valley region.
    • Hiking and mountain biking in the Shawangunk and Catskill Mountains.
    • Skiing or snowboarding at one of many area resorts.
    • Shopping and visiting eateries in nearby Rhinebeck.
    • Taking the train to New York City for sightseeing, shopping, a Broadway show, and to explore its diverse food culture and legendary restaurants.
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