• Learn about CIA's latin cuisines concentration: Castello di Ugento in Ugento, Italy is home base for the semester abroad for bachelor's degree culinary students.
  • Italian Cuisine
    Bachelor’s Degree Concentration

    An Edible Journey from Traditional to Contemporary

    Enrich your culinary knowledge and open up a new world of career options with this immersion into the culinary and cultural traditions of Italy. You’ll examine the history of Italy’s meaningful contributions to world cuisine, and explore the wide variety of ingredients found in Italian and Mediterranean food. It’s been said that Puglia has some of the most interesting art, architecture, and dining in all of Italy, and that’s where you’ll travel to see Italian cuisine and culture firsthand.

    Italy has produced some of the world’s most beloved dishes, enriching the global menu with so many delicious, healthful flavors. As you explore its diverse range of fresh, colorful, multi-regional ingredients, you’ll develop the cultural awareness necessary for effective, reflective, and ethical leadership in the food industry.

    • Spend a semester at the spectacular Castello di Ugento, a newly restored 900-year-old castle in Puglia, Italy.
    • Interact with chefs, growers, and food producers during field trips to local markets, wineries, and businesses.
    • Complete a three-week internship at a restaurant serving authentic Mediterranean cuisine.
    • Learn techniques and practices commonly used in Italian cooking, including preserving and pickling, curing meats, cheese making, and fermentation.
    • Gain expertise in the cuisines of Northern Italy from regions such as Lazio, Umbria, and Marche, and Southern Italy from regions like Abruzzo, Molise, and Campania.

    Only students in the CIA bachelor’s degree Food Business Management and Applied Food Studies programs are eligible for this concentration.