• Learn about CIA grants, loans, and work study for students going to the CIA
  • Grants, Loans, and Work-Study

    The Culinary Institute of America offers a full range of financial aid programs that can help you afford CIA excellence. Qualified students—approximately 90% of current CIA students—receive aid. The amount of aid varies based on each student’s unique financial situation and the time of entry to the college.

    Your aid package might include:

    In addition, students may seek External Scholarships from a variety of sources outside the CIA. And, once enrolled, CIA students may qualify for generous donor scholarships given to the college to assist students.

    Students may also apply for Alternative Loans from private lenders to help fund their education. These loans are generally based on credit history and can be used in addition to any federal, state, school, or private funding students receive.

    Financial Aid Glossary

    Scholarships are a kind of financial aid to help students pay for their education. There is no need to repay a scholarship. Scholarships are usually geared toward students with specific qualifications which might include academic merit or special talents and interests in a particular field; membership in an underrepresented groups; residence in a specific geographic areas; or demonstrated financial need.

    Grants are awarded based on financial need. There is no need to repay a grant.

    Educational loans must be repaid with interest. There are three categories of education loans: Student Loans including Stafford and Perkins loans; Parent Loans including the PLUS loan; and Private Loans, which are also called Alternative Student Loans. Students may also choose to lump certain qualifying loans together under a Consolidation Loan to help simplify the payment process. The maximum interest rate that lenders may charge for student loans is set by Federal law.

    Check out the Student Loan Consolidation Guide as an added resource.

    The CIA offers eligible students the opportunity to apply for Federal Work-Study positions and work up to 20 hours a week, earning a paycheck each week. The Student Financial & Registration Services (SFRS) Office determines if you are eligible. The dollar amount of the award, however, is only an estimate of your expected earnings and is not deducted from your bill by the SFRS Office. CIA work-study jobs are listed on the CIA Main Menu. While preference for on-campus employment is given to work-study-approved students, jobs are based on availability and are not guaranteed. There are also opportunities to work off campus in community service positions.

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