CIA Leads Hudson Valley To Receive Tourism Gold Medal

Roth HallCourier magazine, America's leading publication for bus tour operators, has named the Hudson Valley as the world's Favorite Culinary Destination.The Hudson Valley—home to the CIA’s main campus in Hyde Park, NY—earned the Gold Medal. Second place went to New Orleans, and in third place was Mexico.

The photo representing the region is an aerial shot of the CIA campus. The magazine's editors encouraged their readers to "tour and dine at The Culinary Institute of America as well as dozens of farm-to-table restaurants." The winners were selected by a survey held late last year of tour operators nationwide who are members of the National Tour Association.

The CIA and Hudson Valley are in good company. Other categories in the survey included Favorite Theater/Show Venue (Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN), Favorite Destination for Adventure (Banff and Lake Louise in Canada), and Favorite Faith-Based Destination (Israel).

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