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    If you want to learn the right technique, come to the CIA—we wrote the book on food, literally! Our faculty wrote the textbooks that many other schools use. Our YouTube channel offers hundreds of cooking and food-related videos, but we’ve curated a list of the top skills we believe will help your students expand their culinary and baking skills.

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    How to Prepare and Cut Herbs


    How to Make Mirepoix


    How to Cut Peppers


    How to Make a Roux


    How to Make Many Cookies from One Dough


    How to Suprême Citrus Fruit


    How to Deep-Fry Any Food Safely


    How to Prepare and Sear Fresh Fish


    How to Poach an Egg


    How to Bake in a Water Bath


    How to Make Compound Butter


    How to Fill a Pastry Bag and Pipe


    How to Chop Garlic


    How to Make a Frittata


    How to Make Pesto


    How to Cut Whole Smoked or Salted Fish


    How to Work with Whole Cured or Smoked Salmon


    How to Glaze Holiday Cookies and Cakes


    How to Work with Potatoes


    How to Use Honey


    How to Cook Greens


    How to Make a Granita with Concord Grapes


    How to Work with Tart Cherries


    How to Grill Oysters


    How to Handle Fresh Watermelon


    How to Work with Celery Root


    How to Work with Jicama


    How to Select and Work with Fresh Watermelon


    How to Cut and Pack Up Fruity Oat Bars


    How to Grill a Delicious Hanger Steak


    How to Make Homemade Chicken Broth


    How to Toast or Roast Nuts


    How to Peel and De-Vein Fresh Shrimp


    How to Buy and Work with Fresh Eggs


    How to Make Coffee truffles


    How to Whip and Fold in Egg Whites


    How to Open a Champagne Bottle


    How to Work with Apples


    How to Shop a Farmers’ Market Like a Chef