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    Introduction to Culinary Arts
    intro to culinary artsThe CIA’s well-organized, attractive text provides everything you need to teach the culinary arts to high school students. Introduction to the Culinary Arts supports existing state and association standards, including American Culinary Federation; National Restaurant Association; and Family, Career, Community Leaders of America.

    Introduction to Culinary Arts explores culinary basics using standard recipes and classic cooking methods. The 800+ page text with four-color photography covers food storage, work simplification, menu design, and restaurant business skills. The textbook features over 100 basic culinary skills designed for hands-on experience to practice general procedures and techniques. This program includes 148 recipes on laminated cards.

    Cross-curricular skills include mathematics, science, social studies, and communications, which provide the opportunity to extend instruction in the areas of Culinary Math Skills, Entering the Culinary Work Place, Catering, and Entering a Culinary Competition. Students also gain insight into today’s careers in culinary arts, as well as learn about total food preparation and service.

    To order the Introduction to Culinary Arts textbook (ISBN: 013-117-1402), student manual (ISBN: 013-131-5544), or recipe cards (ISBN: 013-131-5552), please call Prentice Hall Customer Service at 1-800-848-9500 or purchase online.

    Culinary Math, 3rd Edition
    culinary mathUsed by culinary professionals and students around the country, Culinary Math presents proven step-by-step methods for understanding foodservice math and using it appropriately in the kitchen. Written by former instructors at The Culinary Institute of America, it is filled with examples and sample problems that connect math skills to real-world situations.

    This edition has been expanded with new material on topics such as inventory, yield percent, and statistics. It also includes revised practice problems in each chapter to help develop and exercise problem-solving skills.

    Well organized and easy to use, Culinary Math reviews basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers, fractions, and decimals; goes over calculations with percents; presents the units of measure used in most professional kitchens in the United States; and offers simple methods for converting weight and volume measures.

    Culinary Math also shows how to:

    • Calculate yield percent
    • Determine costs, edible portion costs, recipe costs, and beverage costs
    • Find out the amount of a product needed for a particular use
    • Change recipe yields
    • Carry out conversions for purchasing and food costing
    • Understand and use kitchen ratios
    • Convert U.S. measures to metric units and vice versa

    Culinary Math, 3rd Edition is an indispensable companion for students as well as for professional chefs, caterers, and others in need of a reliable training resource or handy quick reference.

    To order Culinary Math, please call CIA Customer Service at 1-800-888-7850 or purchase online today for $35.00.