Paul Bocuse

The Culinary Institute of America salutes the life and legacy of the most important chef in history—Paul Bocuse. We are deeply saddened by his passing, but have been greatly enriched by his friendship and will continue to be inspired by his example. He was the greatest ever. Au revoir M. Paul. Merci Bocuse!

  • Find out about conditional acceptance at CIA for international students
  • The CIA & Language School Partnerships

    The CIA has partnerships with three language schools for students that require further study to improve their English language proficiency: ELS Language Centers, International Mid Pacific College, and Empire State English.

    1. ELS Language Centers: CIA accepts completion of ELS English for Academic Purposes Program Level 112.
    2. International Mid Pacific College (IMPAC): CIA accepts completion of the IMPAC Level 5-Low Advanced course combined with a 75+ score on the Michigan Test of English Language.
    3. Empire State English (ESE): CIA accepts completion of the ESE General English Level Advanced C combined with a score of 100 or above on the ESE exit test.

    Before you enroll in an English language program, you must first meet all of the admissions requirements listed below:

    1. Have the available finances required for your program of study.
    2. Submit your CIA application along with a letter indicating your intention to attend a language school prior to attending the CIA.

    When you have submitted all documents to the CIA, your file will be reviewed for academic ability. If you are admissible, you will receive a Conditional Acceptance to the CIA.

    Students who receive a Conditional Acceptance from the CIA are expected to enroll at one of the three partner language schools in a timely fashion. After completing the language school program, students must submit their certificate of completion to the CIA to receive a full acceptance. Students who have received their certificate must enroll at one of the three CIA campuses on the next available entry date, which will be determined by an admissions counselor. Please view the Enrollment Schedule to learn more.

    If you have any questions or need additional help, please contact Associate Director of International Admissions Stephen Sobierajski.