• Find out about conditional acceptance at CIA for international students
  • International Conditional Acceptance

    Improve Your English Proficiency

    If you need help with your English before attending the CIA, we have some great resources for you. Enroll in any one of the CIA partner programs below to boost your English proficiency:

    Before you enroll in an English language program, you must first:

    • Demonstrate sufficient financial resources required for CIA study.
    • Submit your CIA application along with a letter indicating your intention to attend a language school prior to attending the CIA.

    Once you have submitted all documentation to the CIA, we will review your file and inform you of conditional acceptance to the CIA. If you are approved, you must enroll at one of the three partner language schools as soon as possible. Following successful completion of the language school program, submit a certificate of completion to the CIA to receive full acceptance.

    Students who have received their certificate of completion must enroll at one of CIA’s three campuses on the next available entry date, which will be determined by an admissions counselor. Please view the Enrollment Schedule to learn more.

    If you have any questions, please contact Associate Director of International Admissions Stephen Sobierajski at 845-451-1526 or Stephen.Sobierajski@culinary.edu.

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    Stephen Sobierajski
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