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    From business to branding to distribution to innovation, CIA faculty members bring a broad array of experience and expertise to our online master’s programs. They’re successful restaurateurs, attorneys, marketers, beverage managers, entrepreneurs, and more—and they’ve seen it all. Meet these accomplished teachers who will guide you along the way to your CIA master’s degree and beyond...


  • Photo of Joshua Bossuat - CIA adjunct faculty - SM
    Business Fundamentals
    Don Buder-th
    Capstone Project, Food Business Playbook
    Philip Colicchio - CIA faculty - SM
    Legal Strategies and Challenges for the Restaurateur; Real Estate, Capitalization, and Partnership Strategies for the Restaurateur
    Certified Master Chef (CMC) Mark Erickson is provost at The Culinary Institute of America (CIA).
    CIA Provost
    Residency Experiences
    Photo of Dr. Bruce German - CIA adjunct faculty - SM
    Section Leader
    Brooke Golden-th
    Differentiation, Branding, and Packaging
    Photo of Steven Goldstein, CIA faculty
    Marketing and Brand Strategies for the Restaurateur
    Dr. Annette S. Graham ’88, CIA Associate Dean—Business Management
    Dean—School of Business and Management
    Residency Experiences
    Jean Hagan-th
    Restaurant Operations and Management Strategies
    Dr. Robert J. Johnson, Jr., CIA Professor—Liberal Arts
    Professor—Liberal Arts
    Ethical Leadership in the Food Business
    Photo of Cathy Jorin, Director of CIA Food Business School
    Senior Director—School of Graduate and Professional Studies and Director—The Food Business School
    Residency Experiences, Capstone Project
    Andi Sciacca-th
    Instructional and Program Designer, Faculty
    Capstone Project
    Tish Van Dyke-th
    Sales, Marketing, and Distribution
    Photo of Kyleigh Wawak, CIA adjunct faculty member
    Design Thinking for Food
    Helene York-th
    Manufacturing, Co-Packing, Supply Chain, and Legal Contracts