Treat Yourself to a New Career in the Food Business

Treat Yourself to a New Career in the Food Business
Treat Yourself to a New Career in the Food Business

Time to get started on your exciting food career and maximize your financial aid—guaranteed minimum scholarship of $2,200 for winter or spring 2017 enrollment!

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  • CIA New York Degree Programs

    Students at our Hyde Park campus in New York benefit from learning at the CIA’s major college campus—unique in all of culinary education for its focus and world-class resources.

    At Hyde Park, you have direct access to our complete set of degree programs—bachelor’s degrees in food business management, culinary science, and applied food studies, and associate degrees in either culinary arts or baking and pastry arts. With 170 acres of educational and recreational facilities, you will:

    • Immerse yourself in a world of food-focused discovery as you earn a valued CIA degree.
    • Be taught and mentored by an expert team of more than 150 chefs and professors with outstanding industry and education credentials.
    • Experience 1,300+ hours of hands-on learning in Hyde Park’s 41 professional kitchens and bakeshops, and in our award-winning on-campus restaurants.
    • Join a vibrant food community that encourages you to develop your talents and share ideas with your peers.
    Each CIA Career Fair draws 130+ employers and 300 recruiters to campus—and they do 850 job interviews before they leave!

    At the CIA, you will also experience an advanced way of learning about food that you simply can’t find anywhere else. That’s because here you go beyond memorizing and executing foods and cooking techniques—you learn how to analyze them, to adapt them, to get creative with them. You develop a special understanding of food that gives you the foundation to grow and be a leader. Top foodservice companies seek out this level of knowledge and innovative spirit, and that's why they turn to the CIA when it's time to hire.

    Learn about our wealth of degree program choices, and get ready for the culinary learning experience of a lifetime!

    We invite you to learn about our offerings; the CIA is sure to have the right program for you. And we invite you to create your account today to get more information about our programs or to start your application.

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