CIA Master’s Degree and Certificate Programs

  • Accelerate Your Career

    Isn’t it time to build on your bachelor’s degree and increase your professional prospects? A master’s degree or certificate from the CIA, along with our vast and influential industry network, will make all the difference in your career. Study food business online, or learn wine management or culinary arts hands-on in the heart of the incredible Napa Valley.

    Master’s in Food Business—Online

    Master’s in Food Business—Online

    Develop the mindset, skill set, and tool set to launch your own food business or advance the company you work for, in this online graduate degree program pairing high-end business education with a food focus found only at the CIA.

    Master’s in Wine Management

    Master’s in Wine Management

    Master the entire lifecycle of the bottle in this unique program that explores the interplay between wine and food and includes the study of distilled spirits and other beverages as well, all in the ideal setting—the world-famous Napa Valley.

    Accelerated Culinary Arts Certificate Program

    Accelerated Culinary Arts Certificate Program

    Discover what goes on inside professional kitchens as you use new cooking techniques, fresh ingredients, and the latest technology—helping you gain the specialized skills you need to advance your career in the food world.

    New Master’s in Mediterranean Diet from the University of Barcelona, in partnership with the CIA

    The CIA has teamed up with the University of Barcelona to form the Torribera Mediterranean Center in Spain, offering two Mediterranean Diet-focused master’s degrees, beginning early 2020.
    Learn more and apply >

    Torribera Mediterranean Center in Barcelona, Spain

  • Joel Gamoran

    Alumni Spotlight

    Joel Gamoran ’08
    Host and Executive Producer, Scraps and National Chef and Director of Culinary, Sur La Table
    Don’t throw out those food scraps; they could be the stepping stone to a career in television. At least they are for Joel Gamoran, a graduate of the CIA’s ACAP who’s host and executive producer of Scraps on the FYI network.
    Robert Bath, CIA Professor—Wine and Beverage Studies, California campus.

    Faculty Spotlight

    Robert Bath
    Professor—Wine and Beverage Studies
    Master Sommelier Robert Bath has spent more than 30 years in the wine and food industry, managing high-profile, wine-oriented restaurants; working with high-profile California wineries; and teaching thousands around the world about wine.
  • Did you know? More than 90% of CIA students receive scholarships and financial aid.
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