Early Sunday morning, a wildfire (codenamed Glass) started burning near St. Helena. The California leadership team and senior leaders in Hyde Park including President Ryan monitored conditions throughout the day and prepared for a possible evacuation of campus. Late Sunday night, we evacuated 119 students from the residence halls. Most students were able to connect with family or friends for overnight accommodations; 18 students were provided lodging arranged by the CIA through the county. The California team was in continuous contact with CIA leadership throughout, and due to their efforts, the evacuation went smoothly with all students safe and accounted for. Students remained calm and in good spirits despite the situation. They have been real troopers.

While the fire came too close for comfort, Greystone and our residence halls on campus and on Pratt Avenue were untouched.

Currently the Greystone campus is without power as damage is assessed and fires continue to be active in the area. All members of the campus community have been asked to work remotely. We are using The CIA at Copia as a base camp for our operations, and many students will be spending time there today. We will continue to update students, faculty, and staff, by e-mail as needed. Parents, please urge your student to share these notifications, so you have the latest information.

  • Learn about CIA tuition, grants, and financial information for international students
  • CIA Tuition, Grants, and Financial Information for International Students

    Paying for Your CIA Education

    The CIA is committed to helping you keep costs down and providing as much financial assistance as possible. If costs still seem high, always remember that a CIA degree is an investment in yourself and will pay dividends (financially and otherwise) throughout your career.

    Tuition and Fees by Campus

    Here is a list tuition and fees for all CIA students (U.S. and international)

    Grants for International Students

    We also offer grants and scholarships that meet certain criteria:

    • International Merit Award: New students who have demonstrated academic excellence as shown by their GPA (high school, college, or both), are eligible for merit-based scholarship applied specifically to tuition charges. Our admissions team will evaluate your academic records automatically during the application process; students do not need to apply separately for this scholarship. The award is renewable with a 3.0 cumulative GPA.
    • Alumni Referral Scholarship: New students who are referred to the CIA by a graduate will receive a one-time $1,000 scholarship. To be eligible, you must include a letter of recommendation from the CIA graduate with your application.

    Paying For Your Education

    The CIA offers flexible payment options to help you manage expenses. These include:

    • Tuition Installment Plan: This interest-free monthly payment option allows you to maximize your savings and income by spreading your college education expenses across equal monthly payments. Enrollment is simple with a small, one-time fee.
    • Payment in full: This option allows you to pay online using your checking or savings account.
    • Wire transfers: Please call CIA Student Financial & Registration Services at 845-451-1500 for more information on using this service.

    If you have questions about any tuition, fees, grants, scholarships, or payment options, please contact Student Financial and Registration Services at 845-451-1500 or SFRS@culinary.edu.

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