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    Applying to the CIA is easy through our online portal. The application is designed to help us get to know you and your areas of interest. Just follow these steps to get started:

    • Get started now and complete your application or use the Common Application.
    • Answer some short essay questions. You can do this in writing or via an in-person or phone interview.
    • Sign, date, and submit your application along with the $50 application fee.
    • Ask for a recommendation from a former teacher, employer, or professional colleague. Include that recommendation with your application or provide us with your recommender’s contact information so we can get a verbal recommendation.
    • Contact your high school or previous college and request that they send your official transcripts to the CIA Admissions Office.

    What Else Do I Need to Know?

    Learn more about specific steps in the application process:

    OK, But I Still Have Questions

    No problem! Our CIA admissions counselors are available at 1-800-CULINARY or admissions@culinary.edu to answer any additional questions you have.

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    Admissions Office
    1946 Campus Drive
    Hyde Park, NY 12538-1499
    Phone: 1-800-CULINARY
    Alt. Phone: 845-452-9430
    Fax: 845-451-1068
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  • Scholarships to the CIA

    Don’t let financial concerns stand in the way of your education. The CIA has a variety of scholarships that can help make your dreams a reality.

  • Food is big business, and you won’t find business education anywhere as food-focused as the CIA’s.
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