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    Then how does making pork vindaloo, shrimp étouffée, and black barley risotto sound? (Yeah, we thought so!). The culinary arts are all those things—as well as the foundation for incredible careers in the food world. With a CIA degree, you can open your own food business, work in a research kitchen, prepare cuisine for high-end restaurants…or wherever else your dreams take you.

    So why wait? Apply for admission to one of our June 2018 entry dates for the Culinary Arts degree program at the New York campus and you’ll get these hot perks:

    • Your admission decision and financial aid package within 72 hours of our receiving your completed application
    • $12,000 or more in annual, renewable CIA aid
    • An application fee waiver—complete the quick form to get your waiver code

    Roasted Peppers and Plated Food