• Alumni Spotlight: Chef Kimberly Roope ’22

  • Alumni Spotlight: Chef Kimberly Roope ’22

    Author Carlos Dorantes ’24 is a Food Business Management major.

    September 2023

    One of the most important things that I have learned while at CIA is to take every opportunity offered here to progress your unique skillset. Every CIA student has their own aspirations and motivations guiding them throughout their career path so no two journeys are alike. I was fortunate enough to attend one of our school’s Pathways to Excellence alumni lecture series. These lectures provide students the opportunity to network with and hear from CIA alumni and learn about the many different career paths possible after graduation. Kimberly Roope ’22 was the special alumni guest speaker and gave us insight on how her CIA degree has enhanced her capabilities in a real-world setting. Kimberly Roope graduated with a bachelor’s in Food Business Management and now has a position as Sous Chef at Westin Copley Place. I was able to have a few of my questions answered by her about her personal experiences.

    What advice would you give to current students looking to get the most out of their time at CIA?

    Be present and don’t let your time here pass you by. Brand yourself and distinguish yourself from everyone else. Don’t be afraid to join extracurricular activities.

    How did the curriculum prepare you for the real world in hospitality?

    It’s more about how you take in the curriculum rather than just taking the curriculum. Take the time to study and really dive deep into the material to truly understand it.

    What opportunities could you only have gotten here at CIA?

    Networking here is one of the most useful resources here on campus. Being able to network builds long lasting professional relationships in this industry. Externship is also a huge opportunity to make connections in our industry. You get to have a hands-on learning experience in the field and have it contribute to your career journey.

    Did you face any challenges while on this path?

    Being able to use the school’s resources such as the learning commons helps with any curriculum challenges that might face you. Don’t be discouraged to ask for help, the resources are there for a reason.

    What was your favorite aspect of learning here at CIA?

    Making those long-lasting professional relationships and using the school’s resources.

  • Alumni Spotlight: Chef Kimberly Roope ’22