Alexis Brown, CIA New York Bachelor’s Degree in Baking and Pastry Arts Management student.

Student Bio: Alexis Brown

Bachelor’s Degree in Baking and Pastry Arts Management
Hometown: Kalamazoo, MI
“I knew the baking and pastry program here at The Culinary Institute of America was the perfect place for me.”

How did you become interested in your major?
I have been baking since I was a little girl, and I love being in the kitchen. I was certified in cake decorating at 13 years old and that sparked an interest in me to practice making cakes, pastries, and baked goods for friends and family. Since then, I have continued to grow a love for baking. While I was searching for the perfect education, I applied for the CIA’s Journey for Juniors Program. After that experience, I knew the CIA’s baking and pastry program at The Culinary Institute of America was the perfect place for me.

Who most influenced your decision to pursue this career?
My decision was made on my own, but my parents, sisters, and the rest of my family and friends greatly supported my career path. Following my passion was a great influence to pursue this education.

Did you have to overcome any obstacles or challenges to come to the CIA?
Yes, one of the major challenges is living so far away from home. Moving in involved extensive planning and organizing. Even now, getting closer to my internship date, it is a struggle to move out of Metz Hall. Missing my family is another part of being so far from home, so finding close friends is important to me.

Why did you choose the CIA?
I chose The Culinary Institute of America for many reasons. The amazing reputation of this institute contributed to my decision, as well as high-tech facilities and worldly staff and educators.

What do you like best about the CIA?
I have found family and passion within this school. The atmosphere and individuals are making my experience here at the CIA educational, beneficial, and memorable. The chefs and curriculum are contributors to my favorite experiences here. Along with working as layout editor for La Papillote, I have met close peers—including Kevin Markey—who have guided me throughout my experiences here.

What is/are the best lesson(s) you’ve learned while at the CIA or what advice would you give to new students?
One of the best lessons I have learned is to stay active and be involved in the college. I have joined La Papillote, the CIA Steels volleyball, and tennis. The most beneficial advice I can give is to contribute to the school.

Do you belong to any clubs or participate in any activities/sports on campus?
Yes, I am involved in the student newspaper La Papillote as layout editor. I am also on two CIA sports teams, volleyball and tennis.

What are your career goals or plans right after graduation?
After my associate graduation, I am starting the bachelor’s degree program in September 2017, enrolling in the Management major with a possible concentration in wine and beverage.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering attending the CIA?
The CIA takes serious dedication and commitment. Coming to this school requires a passion for the hospitality industry. The rigorous classes and curriculum are for people who want to make food their life.

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