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  • Food, Wine, and (Agri)culture Trips to the Pacific Northwest

    Experience the rugged natural beauty and culinary riches of the Pacific Northwest. You and your BPS classmates will taste and explore the fresh seasonal flavors of Washington and Oregon, learning from seasoned and up-and-coming growers, vintners, microbrewers, purveyors, and coffee producers.

    After your time in the Pacific Northwest, you will come away with a renewed passion for your chosen profession. You’ll also have a heightened understanding of key industry issues like sustainability, ingredient sourcing, and management, along with life experiences that will forever shape your outlook and your future.

    Steve Gullo
    BPS Culinary Arts Management

    My name is Steve Gullo. I’m 21 years old and from Allentown, PA. I've completed the CIA’s associate degree program and am currently about to graduate with my bachelor’s degree in culinary arts management. Ever since my first job as a café barista at the age of 16, I knew that I wanted to become a professional in the foodservice and hospitality business. After I graduate, I plan on working towards a career as a sommelier and wine director. I also hope to delve into food and wine writing as well.

    Recently, a group of fellow students and I spent three weeks traveling throughout the Pacific Northwest. Beginning in Eugene, OR and ending in Seattle, WA, our trip consisted of visits to organic farms, dairy pastures, breweries, and distilleries, to name just a few locales. In the scenic Willamette Valley, we explored the famous Oregon wine country, visiting producers such as Soter Vineyards and King Estate. We even had the unique opportunity to visit Willamete Valley Hops, a farm that cultivates hops for beer brewing.

    In Washington, we first visited a salmon hatchery and an oyster farm. Here we tasted exotic foods such as goeduck, an indigenous shellfish of the Pacific Northwest. We then rode a ferry across the majestic Puget Sound to Seattle. It soon became obvious to us that this city has a prominent food culture. We visited numerous landmarks including Pike Place Market and Starbucks world headquarters, where we learned a great deal about the global coffee trade.

    The Pacific Northwest Food, Wine, and (Agri)culture trip is a truly enlightening experience that I would recommend to all students at The Culinary Institute of America. It is an adventure that’s certain to please the taste buds and engage the mind of any aspiring culinarian.

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