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    Certification at Three Levels

    Though it is imperative to be well-rounded in many aspects of the culinary arts, we have selected several competencies to assess your skills and aptitude. Each ProChef Certification exam tests your culinary experience, leadership qualities, and financial proficiency using a combination of hands-on practicals and written examinations. Upon successful completion of each exam, you will receive certification from The Culinary Institute of America.

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    ProChef Level I Certification Exam

    San Antonio, TX campus

    To achieve ProChef Level I Certification, you must demonstrate proficiency in foundational culinary applications, interpersonal skills, and financial aptitude. Successful candidates must also display a sense of responsibility and dedication in all facets of their work. In addition to written and verbal examinations, the ProChef Level I Certification exam consists of practical testing of the required foundational competencies. Tuition: $1,750

    • March 21–23, 2016; San Antonio
    • April 18–20, 2016; San Antonio, TX
    • December 12–14, 2016; San Antonio, TX
    Written Exams Include: Practical Exams Include:
    Food Costing Knife Skills
    Food Safety Stocks, Soups, and Sauces
    Fundamentals of Nutrition Competency-based Menu Execution
    Weights and Measurement Conversions Demonstration of Food Safety Principles
    Recipe Conversions, Yields, and Culinary Ratios  
    Product Identification  

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    ProChef Level II Certification Exam

    San Antonio, TX campus

    ProChef Level II is the intermediate level of certification. Aside from competency in basic food science, baking, and nutrition, you must also demonstrate basic management and supervisory skills as well as an understanding of the basic concepts of financial controls of a food operation. Tuition: $2,000

    • April 25–28, 2016; San Antonio, TX
    • January 16–19, 2017; San Antonio, TX
    Written Exams Include: Practical Exams Include:
    Food Science Baking and Pastry for Chefs
    Mediterranean Cuisine Healthy Cooking and Nutritional Analysis
    Basic Baking and Pastry Garde Manger
    Healthy Cooking Mediterranean Cuisine
    Garde Manger  Ingredient and Equipment Identification
    Management and Employment Laws  
    Financial Analysis  

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    ProChef Level III Certification Exam

    Hyde Park, NY campus

    As the top level of ProChef Certification, you must be well versed in a multitude of culinary disciplines and be able to demonstrate strategic application of human resources and financial management to earn ProChef Level III Certification. Tuition: $2,250

    • None at this time
    Written Exams Include: Practical Exams Include:
    Asian Cuisine Asian Cuisine
    Latin American Cuisine Latin American Cuisine
    Wine Studies Seasonal Market Basket
    Problem Solving and Personnel Management Wine and Food Pairing
    Financial Skills Personnel Management (Role Playing)
      Financial Management (Case Study)

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