The Culinary Institute of America

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    The CIA and ELS

    The CIA has a specific partnership with ELS Language Centers and will accept completion of that program, up to level 112, in lieu of the TOEFL score. International students must first meet all other admissions requirements in order to pursue this option:

    • Fulfill the six-month foodservice experience requirement—students must complete this requirement before applying to the CIA.
    • Have the available finances required for their program of study.
    • Submit their application along with a letter indicating their intention to attend ELS prior to attending the CIA.
    • When all documents have been received by the CIA, the student's file will then be reviewed for academic ability, financial support, and food service experience. If the student is admissible, they will then receive a Provisional Acceptance to the CIA.

    Students must then select and attend an ELS center in the United States. After successful completion of level 112 from the ELS Language program, students must complete the following steps:

    • Submit their certificate of completion to the CIA.
    • Take the Compass Math/English exams prior to leaving the United States and being assigned an entry date.
      • If the student passes the COMPASS test, they will then be given an entry date.
      • If a student does not pass the Compass Math/English exam, the student will need to return to ELS for three months of additional English study and retake the COMPASS Math/English exam.
      • Students who have attended an ELS program and find themselves unprepared for college level classes, will be able to return to the ELS program to continue their study.
    • If the student does leave the United States without taking the COMPASS test, the student will be required to provide the CIA with their official TOEFL scores.